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  • Micro Greens Spicy Mix Seed

Micro Greens Spicy Mix Seed


Product Description

Micro Greens Spicy Mix (Brassica - assorted species - Lepidium and Raphanus)

Spicy flavor and crisp texture to excite your palate. Something a little different and so easy to grow. Tasty and nutritious micro greens are very easy to grow any time of the year, even indoors in the winter! The varieties in this custom mix will all be the perfect 1 to 2 size at the same time. Perfect for spicing up sandwiches, salads and soups.

Sow: in large, shallow containers outdoors, or indoors under grow lights or near a sunny window. This packet sows 2 10x10 flats.

Mix contains:  Mustard Sawtooth - 30% Cress Peppergrass - 30% Cabbage Red Acre - 15% Mustard Red Giant - 15% Radish China Rose - 10%

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