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  • Mexican Sunflower Heirloom Seed

Mexican Sunflower Heirloom Seed


Product Description

Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundifolia)

A genuine heat-lover, this Mexican Sunflower sets the dog days of summer ablaze with its sizzling orange daisies. Blooms late summer to first fall frost. 3'- 5' tall. Full sun. Unabashedly brilliant orange 3 wide daisy-like flowers on long stems. A large outstanding plant for the back of the border. Easy to grow from seed - a good choice for new gardeners and children. Attracts butterflies, especially the elegant Swallow Tails. Also tolerates infertile soil, drought, and neglect. For best results, remove spent flowers and stake if necessary.

Tip: Plant a row of Mexican Sunflowers for a quick temporary privacy screen while waiting for a new landscape to fill in.

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