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  • Lettuce Butterhead Speckles Certified Organic Seed

Lettuce Butterhead Speckles Certified Organic Seed


Product Description

Lettuce Butterhead Speckles Organic Seed (Lactuca - sativa)

Speckles lettuce is an heirloom Butterhead variety that originated with the Mennonites who brought it with them from Germany and Holland over 200 years ago. The slightly crumpled light green leaves are uniquely colored with red speckles and have a mild pleasant taste. The thick, but soft leaves have a tender texture and can be added to any salad for exciting visual interest. The compact heads can be grown in containers. (Butterhead type lettuce is rarely bitter, quick maturing, and they are also known as Boston or Bibb lettuce.)

This packet plants: Three 7-foot rows or four successive plantings of 5-foot rows.

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