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  • Lettuce Romaine Little Gem Certified Organic Seed

Lettuce Romaine Little Gem Certified Organic Seed


Product Description

Lettuce Romaine Little Gem Organic Seed (Lactuca - sativa)

Is it a Romaine or a Butterhead? This English heirloom min-cos lettuce, also called Sucrine or Sugar cos, combines the succulent sweetness of Butterhead lettuce with the crisp texture of Romaine and has an incredible nutty flavor of its own. The glossy-leafed heads are a petite 6" tall and 4" wide a perfect size for an individual dinner salad or sliced in half lengthwise for two small side salads. Individual leaves are excellent for sandwiches or appetizer wraps. The tender blanched heart is ideal for any recipe that calls for Hearts of Romaine. Cut heads 1 above the crown and leaves may re-grow for a bonus second crop! Try growing these beautiful rosettes of salad on your deck, patio, or balcony in a pretty container for an edible display.

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