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  • Basil Dolce Vita Blend Organic Seed

Basil Dolce Vita Blend Organic Seed


Product Description

Basil Dolce Vita Blend Organic Seed (Ocimum - basilicum)

Delight your senses with this custom organic mix of six distinctive basils to fill the garden and kitchen recipes with colors, flavors, and scents.

Cinnamon This sweet basil is 26-30 tall with cinnamon fragrance and flavor. It makes a nice addition to fruit salad, can be used in making jelly, and looks pretty in fresh and dried floral arrangements.

Genovese - An 18 tall, large leaf green basil with spicy flavor and fragrance from the Genoa area of Italy, pesto capital of the world. This is the true Italian pesto basil.

Tall Lemon - Strong lemon fragrance and flavor. 18 tall plants have nice for flavoring vinegars and dishes with a lemon base.

Lime - Sweet lime aroma with citrus flavor for memorable flavored oils and sauces. The 18 tall plants can be used in desserts such as a delicious lime basil sorbet.

Mammoth - An 18 tall, Italian lettuce-leaf type with generous, extra large ruffled leaves. The flavor is slightly more intense than Genovese for those who love a very flavorful pesto or sauce.

Purple Petra - A purple-leaved basil with mild, sweet flavor that's just right for pesto, pasta, and salad. The 24 tall plants are a beautiful addition to any garden. It also makes a lovely pink-colored vinegar.

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