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  • Radish Watermelon Mantanghong Seed

Radish Watermelon Mantanghong Seed


Product Description

Radish Watermelon Mantanghong (Raphanus - sativus (hybrid))

This large, mild, winter radish looks like a miniature slice of watermelon when sprinkled with black sesame seeds! Beautiful carved into radish flower. Watermelon radish makes a gourmet conversation piece. This improved hybrid variety has a beautiful rosy-red interior filled with sweet flavor and a tender, yet crisp texture. Radishes average 3 in diameter (tennis ball size) but can grow larger and weigh up to 1 pound each. A winter radish, it grows best when sown in late summer for a fall crop and can be harvested up until the ground freezes.

This packet sows two 6-foot rows.

Sow outdoors: Recommended. 8-10 weeks before first fall frost, and 2 to 3 successive sowings every 10 days. In mild winter climates, successive sowings can be continued until temperatures are too cold for germination.

Start inside: Not recommended.

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