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  • Cat Garden Kit: Eco-Friendly Grow Pot in a Box
  • Cat Garden Kit: Eco-Friendly Grow Pot in a Box
  • Cat Garden Kit: Eco-Friendly Grow Pot in a Box

Cat Garden Kit: Eco-Friendly Grow Pot in a Box


Product Description

Cat Grass or Catnip Garden Kit

This kit contains an eco-friendly classic nursery pot and saucer (made from rice hulls), compressed soil wafer, a retail size packet of premium seed (cat grass oats or catnip) and instructions. Everything you need to start a mouthwatering garden for your cat. The pot and drip saucer are compostable and will last for up to three years with normal use. From our pots to our simple minimalist packaging, this entire kit is based on our 3r principles; reduce, recycle and reuse.

Cat Grass is an annual. Satisfy your cat's craving for greens with a safe alternative to houseplants and turfgrass (which may have harmful pesticides or herbicides on it.) This variety of oats has smooth leaf blades for easy digestion and does not stick to the back of their tongue as they swallow. The fast-growing grass is ready for cats at 2 - 4 tall and can be grown indoors in a sunny window or under grow lights. It is a wonderful treat for cats, providing nutrients, and helping to eliminate fur balls. Cats will prefer it to your houseplants and outdoor grass that may contain pesticides. Sow anytime indoors in containers. Provide the greens for your cats for a few minutes at feeding times each day until they are conditioned to it. Then, they can have more free access.

Catnip Nepeta - cataria Perennial. Hardy to USDA zone 3. Enjoy a cup of hot lemony-mint flavored catnip tea while watching your cats frolic in a patch of this fragrant, attractive plant. Plants can also be grown indoors on a windowsill, so cats can enjoy the fresh leaves year round. A very hardy plant, it grows in almost any soil. (Although, most cats are crazy for catnip, 10-30% of the cat population does not respond to it. Though, the affinity for it is genetic, this indifference is pronounced in very young kittens and older cats.) If your cat loves catnip, you can grow your own to make him or her silly happy all year long.

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