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  • Cinch Plant Hanger
  • Cinch Plant Hanger
  • Cinch Plant Hanger
  • Cinch Plant Hanger

Cinch Plant Hanger: Stainless Steel Adjustable Plant Hangers

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Product Description

This clever product solves a common problem we gardeners face: How can you easily and safely turn your favorite planter into a hanging planter? It's a cinch!

These durable hangers are made completely of stainless steel, so they will hold up in all weather conditions.

Note: The hanging length is based on the width of your container. The wider the circumference of your plant container, the shorter the hanging length will be. Works best with a rimmed pot.

Works great with pots that have a rim or are tappered. Our orchid pot is tappered in the photo shown, and it hangs beautifully. The It's a Cinch is available in 3 foot lengths. Combine them vertically to hang your plants in a tiered fashion. Or, hang them across the deck at different levels to create visual appeal. No assembly required; just place pot in the eye of the wire loop then pull to tighten. They really are a Cinch! Adjusts to fit most size pots and hold up to 25 lbs!

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