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  • Good Ideas Compost Wizard Starter Kit

Good Ideas Compost Wizard Starter Kit


Product Description

Compost Wizard Starter Kit

Save time and money by getting the Compost Wizard Starter Kit. Featuring a Compost Wizard Jr. compost tumbler and an array of accessories to get you started composting quickly. The composter comes fully assembled and just needs to be placed in a proper location. Use the stainless steel pail as a kitchen composter or as a caddy to transport items out to your composter. The replaceable charcoal filter will block out unwanted smells and the stainless steel look will fit right in with any kitchen. The compost fiber and compost boost give your compost a 1-2 punch to kick it into high gear. First, use the compost fiber to add substance and body to the batch. This is especially useful if you tend to have a wet compost batch as it will absorb the moisture like a sponge. You have the added benefit of the microstructures created by the natural coconut fiber husks (coir). These small cells lock in digestive enzymes and oxygen, even after the compost has been placed in the ground, to continue composting action for a long time. Be sure to follow the label instructions. The Compost Boost gives your compost powerful fuel from the start, providing your batch a concentrated injection of enzymes. The Compost Wizard Jr. is fast. The Compost Boost is like a nitro blast that can help make compost up to 3x faster!
◾7 cubic foot capacity
◾Fully Assembled - Low maintenance
◾Wheeled Base
◾Large 12 twist lid
◾Safe for pets and children
◾Virtually animal proof
◾Black color for heat absorption
◾12 Twist lid
◾Includes compost fiber, accelerator, and kitchen caddy

Dimensions and Weight:
30x22x24 at 37 lbs

Trilingual Instructions
Compost Wizard Jr. Bin
Compost Wizard Jr. Base
.5 gallon Stainless steel pail
(2) 1.43 lb compost fiber bricks
(2) packs of Compost Boost compost accelerator

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