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Green Shipping

Olive Barn Conservation and Recycling Program:  One of our primary goals is to raise awareness about sustainable living. To us, the green movement is about the little choices we make everyday that create real change. You'll love our fresh, unique product mix for making the most of your home and garden spaces while reducing the impact on the environment.
At Olive Barn we are concerned about our environment and want to reduce our impact on it.  If you receive styrofoam packing peanuts from us, rest assured they are re-used peanuts that we received in boxes from our suppliers.
Buying Bubble Wrap is Out! In 2008, we  phased out the purchasing of all plastic bubble wrap. We limit our use of bubble wrap to only the most delicate items. Any bubble wrap packing you find in your order is reused from shipments we receive from suppliers. 
Ugly Boxes? We selectively reuse shipping boxes that are in good condition from our suppliers to ship orders in. We do try to avoid this on gift orders. If you see a box that appears reused, know that it's reuse is saving trees and helping to keep your shipping costs down!

For information on recycling in your area, you may want to start here: Earth911.org