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  • Chives Common Certified Organic Seed

Chives Common Certified Organic Seed


Product Description

Chives Common Organic Seed (Allium - schoenoprasum)

Perennial. Hardy to USDA zone 3. With beautiful edible lavender-pink flowers and delicate onion-flavored foliage, chives should be in every garden. Not many plants do as many things as this plant does AND are easy to grow, maintain, and come back every year! The edible flowers make a tasty pink-tinted chive vinegar (recipe inside packet), look & taste great in salads, and dry well when chopped for use on baked potatoes or left whole for dried floral arrangements. The foliage and flowers are an excellent garnish for most foods. Chives are easy to grow in almost any soil, containers, or a sunny indoor windowsill for use year-round. With chives on hand, your fish, chicken, vegetable, and baked potato dishes will never be lacking in flavor!

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