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  • Oregano Common Certified Organic Seed

Oregano Common Certified Organic Seed


Product Description

Oregano Common Organic Seed (Origanum - vulgare )

Perennial. Hardy to USDA zone 5. This mild-flavored oregano can be used in pizza sauce, pastas, and pesto. Its dainty pink blooms add to its beauty as a groundcover, attract honeybees and beneficial insects, and can be used as cut or dried flowers. There is a lot of misinformation about oregano varieties on the Internet and in the seed trade. Common Oregano is often confused with the more pungent white-flowered True Greek variety. Common Oregano has a milder flavor somewhat between the slight spiciness of Marjoram and Thyme. Having a gentle flavor for cooking, it is also the traditional variety for medicinal use. Leaves can be used as a fresh or dried herb. The pretty pink to lavender flowers appear from mid-summer to fall. Also called Wild Oregano, Pot Marjoram, or Wild Marjoram.

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